Thursday, July 31, 2008


I am breaking my own rules tonight but it is so true I am too tired for SEX. I can't believe it but my body can barely move tonight-hubbie worked late and the kids wore me out-I will not make this a habit but wow my...a hot shower sounds good and I will make up for this tomorrow-Oh by the way Victoria's Secret is having a great sale right now so if you aren't too tired getting a little sexy getup may reignite that fire.

This cute number is from Harper's Bizarre
It is soft, feminine and classy with a little bit of sexy which is where I am right now;)

Monday, July 28, 2008

Alana Pratt sexy mom talks signup!
I decided to join Alana Pratt's sexy mom talks signups-she says the below info will help with the following, I encourage you to join by clicking on the above link-it is totally free and I will give updates as to what I think of it!

1. A Thriving Marriage
Learn how to create a safe space to communicate
Learn why you’re not being heard or understood
Learn how to move past fear and speak your truth

2. A Flourishing family
Learn the key to a flourishing family
Learn to take 100% responsibility for your life
Learn how to move past self judgment and self sabotage

3. A Rewarding career
Learn how to let go of good for great
Learn how to move out of your comfort zone
Learn the secret question to ask to manifest your dreams

4. A great caretaker
Learn how to go with the flow
Learn how to let go of perfectionism
Learn how to slow down and be a profound listener

5. A smoking hot mama
Learn how to get out of your head and into your body
Learn the key to freedom in your feminine expression
Learn how to love every inch of you

6. A Divine Goddess
Learn how to open in the face of fear
Learn how to be present in each moment
Learn how to embrace life no matter what it looks like

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Mirrors are a girls best friend

Stop walking by that mirror without paying tribute, tribute to the beautiful gorgeous you-not just the inside either. I am talking about those amazing thighs, the subtle (or not so subtle) curves of your breasts, the nice round tush-all of it, love it, love it and love it again. If you haven't done this (and I suggest at least once a week) sit down in front of a mirror, naked of course and tell yourself how beautiful you are and thank your body EVERY part of it for all it does for you. Not only will this get you incredibly hot, but it will start to turn your mind into appreciation for your body-this will do amazing things in your life, health wise and love wise. Try it-let me know

Friday, July 25, 2008

Not a lot of time

Ok wanted to say good night quickly, my husband just got home and we haven't had sex in 8 days because I was recovering from surgery, now I am hot to go-thought about masturbating earlier but I figured I would save myself;)
gotta go-

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Strip Clubs

How do you all feel about this one? I must admit I am on the fence-years ago I was strictly against it, and in some ways am still not completely comfortable with them-but I am considering visiting one with my Hubie soon to spice it up. I am not into the idea of men-especially married ones-throwing money at dancers in a night club when they could be home with their wives. But as a couple activity it can really add to the element of risk and make you and your loved one want each other even more.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

But I REALLY REALLY don't feel sexy

ok, I know me too-I must admit there are those days, today is one of them-when I just don't feel sexy and I can usually relate it to a dip in self confidence from something I have done that I am not proud of-perhaps spending too much money or getting plastic surgery or having my kids in daycare when I am supposed to be the perfect mama-but all those things aside how do I deal with it? I just pulled out a book called 'Take time for you life' by Cheryl Richardson this book is amazing and has an outline of what you can do to really tap into the real you and what the real you (the wise you) really wants. Deep down inside we know what it is that will make us happy-we tend to go away from it from time to time and this is typically when I feel the most un-sexy. So to truly be sexy you have to get back down to it-not just what turns you on physically but what turns you on emotionally. So if you are having one of those days take a deep breath, maybe journal a bit, go outside and look at the gorgeous clouds and remember who you are-then do a sexy little dance in front of the mirror and let me know how it goes;) This is not the time to log onto Victorias Secret and order 400$ worth of lingerie, believe me I've done it-and then felt worse!

What is a sexy mom?

Sexy Mom (sĕk'sē) (mŏm): courageous woman who fiercely loves herself exactly as she is, tells the truth with bold kindness, at peace in every inch of her own skin, turns heads when enters room from magnetic inner glow, gives self permission to rejoice in her sexuality, body and heartfelt self expression, sees other sexy moms as sisters
and celebrates them, knows asking for help makes life run smoothly, says No when she means No, Yes when she means Yes, speaks to herself with kind, loving sultry devotion, defines her true core wisdom as the Sacred Feminine, the Divine Mother, a Juicy Luscious Goddess.Syn. Hot Mama, Yummy Mommy, MILF, etc.

Check out Alana Pratt's website, she is a guru on being a sexy mom and that it is so much more than a roll in the hay-we owe it to ourselves to get our groove back. I am signing up for her free 6 weeks newsletter and can give you updates as it progresses.